This One’s For The Moms

This Ones For The Moms

Mallory Moorman

Mother’s Day, a holiday everyone can celebrate. For everyone has some sort of mom in their life to be thankful for. So on this second Sunday of May. All eyes were on the moms of the world.

However how special the holiday is. It truly was not the same as it has been in previous years. There were no restaurants open to go dine in at, and the number of loved ones one was surrounded by had to be limited.  Not only that but the stores to buy gifts, and cards in were not the same either. Regardless of these circumstances, moms all over the world were still celebrated throughout the whole day.

Some gathered in small groups, and others went to social media to celebrate and give thanks.

With this being said. I’m sure all of us are wondering about future holidays, and celebrations. What will those be like if all of these restrictions keep up? Will this just be the new normal for everything? Or will there be some sort of development to make life a little like it used to be?

Nevertheless, this past Mother’s Day I’m sure will go down in everyone’s memories as one to remember.  And also be another reason to be thankful for our moms and all they do to keep making our worlds go round.