We Want Sports

We Want Sports

"Jonas Hupcey"

One of the most anticipated businesses to return from closure due to the Coronavirus is professional sports.  Many people have stated that they would be okay with having no fans attend the game and just be able to see the athletes on TV.  This would be a lot safer for everyone.  But one huge problem is, how would any teams make money.  With no fans or spectators in attendance there is no possible way these professional teams will make any money.  So is it worth it to just keep sports shut down until fans can go to the games?  


Nearly every sports fan cannot wait for this long awaited return.  But It will ultimately be the owners and leagues decision as to when they will actually resume.  Some have said it will be around august when their league returns, but there is no definitive answer yet.


Not only are major league sports teams taking a hit from the Coronavirus, every sport has been shut down no matter the size of your league or what sport you play.  High School spring sport seasons have been canceled.  Some colleges have cancelled fall sports for the coming school year.  One question is how will there be packed sporting events if there must be social distancing?


Fans cannot wait any longer for the return of sports.  They are eager to support their local and professional teams whether it is their 5 year old son’s soccer team or the Cleveland browns, and everyone is looking forward to a time when this will be possible again.