Triplelupa: A Taco Bell Item Review


Jonas Evans

As a long time and frequent patron of the Taco Bell franchise, of course I was eager to check out the new Triplelupa, seeing as it is new to the menu, and will likely soon be replaced.

I had high hopes for this item going in, because I was blown a way by another specialty chalupa they debuted a while back called the Naked Chicken Chelupa. While the two items are indeed very different, I can definitely regard them as two of the best menu items I’ve ever had.

The Tripleupa is basically one long chalupa, that easily tears at three points making for three smaller chalupas — each with slightly different variations in sauce.

On one side, there is chipotle sauce, and on the other there is nacho cheese; both are mixed in the middle (which I recommend you save for last). I would love to see this item frequently return, but it is unlikely due to the raving success of the nacho fries, another specialty item that Taco Bell has released (although, in my opinion,  it is one of their worst specialty items, it keeps being brought back for some reason).

I would have to say my one complaint with this new menu item is that there is no option for meat, or substitution. They come with their ground beef,  but it would be cool if you could swap that for their shredded chicken, or a meat replacement, like beans or spiced potatoes.

All in all, this is a great item, but I feel with more options for meat, it could definitely be more popular. The ground beef is very high in sodium, and doesn’t always feel great to eat.