How Jobs Have Been Affected By Coronavirus in Lakewood?


Jacob Goings

How is Coronavirus affecting jobs in Lakewood? At the beginning of the quarantine, all restaurants were shut down, and no one knew when they were opening back up.

Thankfully, around May, bars and restaurants started to open back up, but there was only outside seating. This means there were fewer chances of someone infecting a worker, or vise versa because they are working in completely different areas.

After a while,  bars and restaurants were allowed to have customers inside and outside, but inside seating was limited. This lets workers make a little more money and have a more bearable living during this pandemic.

Businesses must also be fully cleaned after every workday, because of coronavirus, so that makes the worker’s jobs harder.

My co-worker, senior Willow Rosser, who also works at Cleveland Vegan, says “I started working right when the pandemic hit, so I was used to having temperatures taken, and sanitizing and wearing masks all the time. The biggest shift for me was getting to know my coworkers through their masks instead of their faces.”

Lots of places, such as Rozi’s Wine House, have to close early because they are required by law, because of coronavirus. All bars have to close at 10 o’clock unless they serve food, then they are allowed to stay open until 11. The bars would usually stay open until 2 or 3 in the morning.

On the bright side, since some people are quitting because of coronavirus (because of safety reasons), the people who stayed are getting more hours, thus making more money.

Most people who have jobs at local businesses in Lakewood usually ride a bike or drive to work. But since coronavirus hit, more people have been driving to work, and there are fewer people out on the street.