New Galaxy Z Flod2 5G


William Hyatt

The new age of technology is here as Galaxy gears up to release its new foldable phone in a short few days. The Galaxy Z Fold2 being the second foldable phone released by Galaxy is expected to be the new norm of newer phones today, or at least galaxy thinks it is going to be.

After the launch of the first Galaxy fold went terribly, they knew a change was needed. Galaxy decided to have the phone fold into an I-pad rather than the first design which folded like a flip phone. Hoping for a better release Galaxy made the price ¨more manageable” at about 1,200 dollars.

Because of the foldable ability on the Galaxy fold, you are able to have up to three different apps opened at a time. Two on the tablet side and one more on the smaller phone side. You can also blow up one app to match the size of the whole tablet side of the phone.

When school resumes one can only imagine how many foldable phones we see while walking around the hallways from class to class. Junior Teeghan McGann has a different look on the new Galaxy saying,  ¨ I believe that there are not going to be that many people with the New Galaxy fold because of the weird design and the crazy high price¨

A concern may be about the durability considering there is a long joint between the two screens. This will stay a concern when buying the new phone after Galaxy says to handle the phone with more care than a regular phone. On top of the concerns about the durability of the phone, it is also quite hefty as well as not having the best camera quality. Because there are so many unknown facts about the Fold2 is it really worth spending over 1,000 dollars on?