Will LHS have Homecoming in 2020?

Will LHS have Homecoming in 2020?

Lucy McIntire

The COVID-19 pandemic has already caused Lakewood City Schools to move entirely to online learning for the first quarter of the year. This brings the question of Homecoming, which normally falls in October and includes a dance, parade, pep rally, and football game, and is a very popular event among students.

Aimee Guzowski, the LHS Student Council Advisor, has said that there will be no Homecoming dance, parade, or pep rally this year because of the pandemic. While football games are still occurring, there is a limited number of guests allowed in the stands to watch. 

“It is unfortunate that we are unable to celebrate this tradition, but public health and safety comes first in this instance,” says Guzowski. 

The Student Council also voted to not elect a Homecoming Court and Royalty this fall, and has made plans to host a Prom Court and Royalty in the spring.

Other opportunities to hold events showcasing school spirit have been looked into.

Parades have been a popular alternative to hosting usual school events during the Pandemic, such as the senior parade in which seniors drove their cars around Lakewood with a cheering crowd. And, while a parade normally occurs for Homecoming, that will not be the case this year. 

LHS Principal Mark Walter stated, “The city isn’t able to give parade permits due to the volume of requests.”

Despite all the changes to student life, fall sports are ongoing with measures to protect from COVID-19. Senior nights will occur in sports, which will provide students with some sense of normalcy.