The Annual LRMB Festival


Mason Orlando

Last week we got a small glimpse into the LRMB’s season and how they are dealing with COVID.

Like most bands around the country, they’ve had to seek out alternatives to their usual schedule. Every year the LRMB has hosted a festival to give the community a chance to see other bands perform; however, this year they were unable to do so due to COVID-19.

Despite this setback, the band persevered and continued to hold their own performance. An evening packed with classics from the Lakewood Ranger Marching Band such as pregame, Tub Thumping, Jai Ho, and even their new Disney show!

An interesting new addition to the festival this year was Disney trivia to promote the trip that the band will be taking in June 2021.

To get a better idea about last Saturday’s performance I talked with Senior Field Commander Audrey Warren on what she thought about it.

Q: How did you feel about Saturday’s performance?

Warren: “Saturday’s performance was a blast! There was a great socially-distanced turnout, and that really hyped up the band. Our show has really come together.

Q: Do you think the band has found their groove for the season?

Warren: “Our show has really come together. Now that the band has fully adjusted to our new normal, I truly believe that we’ve found our groove. It took a while to figure everything out, and we’re still figuring things out, but the most important thing: we can still play together, and that will never change. The band is always excited to play together, even if they have to wear masks and covers on their instruments. That’s really inspiring to me.”

There we have it, despite the challenges facing the LRMB this season they had a successful and encouraging performance last Saturday.

The band will continue to perform at Friday night games this year and host their own shows during away games so stop by and enjoy some music! Special thanks to the LRMB members and leadership for all their dedication and hard-work to make this season one to remember!