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    “Gently” by Lavinia Grandt

    The gravel road under my boots grinded softly with the help of the falling snow.  I stared down absently at the ground, where my boots left imprints in the strange, almost ugly mixture. Twisting on my heel to look at the path I’d made behind me, my foggy gaze fell on black boots, ones that weren’t my own. My eyes came up to meet those of another person with me, beautiful brown cascading over thickly covered shoulders.

    We’d never spoken before. But we smiled warmly to each other, in contrast to the air around us.

    Together, we fell in step, gently discussing the day prior to this walk. We go to the same school, and attend a few of the same classes. When one of us sneezed, the other blessed them, in whichever language they chose to use. I used a german word, to which we both laughed.

    My nose had started becoming cold. I looked down at it, barely seeing the tinge of red it had taken, and brought my hands up to rub at it, but they were just as red and just as icy.

    A mitten came near my face, followed by another, and my hands were delicately taken in them. I stopped to face my companion then, who rubbed my hands between the mittens in an attempt to warm me. My chest whined in protest, or maybe joy. I wasn’t quite sure.

    “Why don’t you have gloves?”

    “I left them at home. I didn’t know it would snow, but even if I did, I don’t think I’d remember to bring them.”

    I was given a grimace, but my companion and I continued walking. My hands were not released, however, but I didn’t complain as my heart did.



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