Written Character Sketches and Dialogue- By Lakewood Student

Lakewood Student

Character #1

Travels in a broken-down car. Travels lightly. A 46 year old man, danger around his every corner. Any move he could make would be a disaster, but he’s expected anything to happen to him. It’s just what he was trained for after all. Assassinations.

This dangerous and stern character is named Gene. He stands at a high 6’1 and weighs 170 pounds, making himself a menacing encounter to some. He’s a somewhat stern person, not showing any sort of emotion openly for people to notice. They’re all behind his angry looking face unable to be deciphered. Though his appearance is scary, he can be a very nice person to the people that he encounters and talks with.

He wears the same battered down yellow shirt with his blue overcoat, not feeling the need to get anything new for his appearance. Jeans accompanied this outfit, ripped in some places but not obvious at first glances. He wore nice black shiny boots with laces running up the front of them. This was his favorite and only outfit to wear, being fairly recognizable with it as no one else seemed to have this same outfit in-mind.

His hair is in a messy bundle, all scruffy that almost makes it look like it’s building up to an afro. His eyes were a dark brown shade that just seemed to shimmer whenever you looked into them. His facial features included both a small nose and mouth frame, the mouth bearing nice white teeth. Scars covered his hands all over, having all different types of burns and scratches from certain missions that he has taken.

In his free time he enjoys gardening in his private little area. It grows all different assortments of fruits and vegetables and even different types of flowers. It is his favorite type of past time as it cleanses himself and makes him feel at a state of peace more than anything else has.

One of his major reasons for taking on this assassination job is to keep the people that he cares about safe. He feels like he can accomplish this by having all this power to end the life of another, but this can also hinder him and sometimes can cause him to possibly not be able to protect them. He’s a simple man who is pretty indecisive in some situations, making one of his most known lines, “Beats me.”

Character #2

Feeling lost. Feeling alone. Feeling lonely. Joanne felt like these were feelings to describe herself as she didn’t know what the world was that she was exploring anymore. It felt scary, only being opened up somewhat after she was rescued by a mysterious assassin.

Joanne is a 15 year old girl that was captured by a group of thugs just two years prior. She is 5’3 and weighs 118 pounds, seeming small to many. Her emotions can be easily expressed from what you see written on her face: big smile, tears trickling down her cheeks, you name it. She isn’t shy of expressing these feelings, too. Her body language also shows it very obviously.

Her general wardrobe consists of a black jacket with white stripes running up and down the sleeves, around the collar, and around the bottom. Underneath the jacket is a plain thick white shirt. Her legs are covered with black jeans to match along with the jacket, but contrasted by bright red Converse shoes accompanied with laces.

Black silky hair runs down her head down to her shoulders, not being too long or too short. She has bright blue eyes that were colored like the ocean and bore small petite features for her nose and mouth. She can be described as having a very soft and delicate body, which can be easily felt by just touching her hands.

Joanne’s favorite pastime has to be recording whatever she sees in nature. Birds, plants, lizards, bugs, you name it. Most of her recordings have been of Gene’s garden. The listings show many different types of flowers and vast varieties of food. Her sketches are shown to have taken precautionary measures and seem to be done meticulously to make them look stunning.

Due to her capture however, she now suffers from paranoia and gains easy anxiety. She doesn’t know who to trust anymore and if people are really who they say they are. Her main goal is to just return to the previous life that she lived, going to school and hanging out with her friends and family, but it can’t seem to happen. One major thing she does though with Gene is ask him about everything, learning from him. But since he’s so indecisive about certain things, one of the most reoccurring lines from Joanne is, “Are you serious?”

Dialogue Activity

Character one: Gene

Character two: Joanne

Scenario: Gene is taking Joanne to his garden for the first time after coming home from lunch, wondering if she needs a place to relax.


“I’m telling you, this place will make you feel so much better than that bar,” Gene assured.

“Are you sure?” Joanne asked nervously.

“Positive. Nobody has ever come to harm my garden, it’s a place of pure peace and quiet.”

“How do you know it hasn’t been attacked or ransacked at all?”

“Beats me,.” Gene said. “Generally hasn’t changed at all when I come back besides the growth in my plants.”

A couple hours later, they roll up to the greenhouse.

“We’ve arrived,” Gene stated. “This is what I like to call my personal paradise.”

Joanne looked around. “It looks huge! You did all of this yourself?”

“Sure did, own flesh and blood. I personally have a lot of free time in between jobs,” Gene answered.

Joanne pulled out her sketch book. “I’ve never seen all these different types of plants in here. Do you have one specific variety in here?” she asked.