Aidyn Zingale

Aidyn Zingale

Mason Orlando

As the seniors’ final year at LHS comes to a close and COVID – 19  still lurks, I thought it may be a good time for reflection. This week I had a chance to sit down with Senior Aidyn Zingale and ask him some questions about his time at LHS, and what he plans to do in the future, along with some other questions to get to know him better. 


Q: What are some clubs or sports that you’ve been involved in your 4 years at LHS?

Aidyn: “Throughout my time here as a student at LHS I have been involved in Cross Country for all 4 years, Indoor Track for 3 years, and Outdoor Track for 4 years (excluding the fact that we did not have a season this year due to the coronavirus outbreak).”

Q: What’s one thing you enjoy doing in your free time?

Aidyn: “One thing I enjoy doing in my free time is listening and discovering new music.

Q: Do you have any favorite memories from LHS and if so what are they?

Aidyn: “One of my favorite memories of LHS is when the Cross Country team went to New York for the McQuaid Invitational, and we spent a weekend camping. I remember last year the varsity team all jumping into a river after our race was over, and silly things like sword fights while camping.”

Q: Do you have any post high school plans?

Aidyn: “I am not deadlocked on what I want to do post high school, however my mind is currently gearing towards applying to Case Western in hopes of continuing my running career and potentially going into engineering or medicine.”

Thank you to Aidyn for taking the time to discuss some of his personal details and memories from his time at LHS. Join us next week for another exclusive interview with our person of the week!