How People are Entertaining Themselves During COVID-19

How People are Entertaining Themselves During COVID-19

Lucy McIntire

Since COVID-19 struck the United States in early spring, people have been forced to find ways to entertain themselves other than going out, especially considering most businesses closed directly after it hit.

Since then, however, many places have reopened and are operating at partial capacity and taking many precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

People have found various ways to entertain themselves: one of the most popular has been to exercise and work on fitness. Other growingly popular habits include cooking, cleaning, watching television on a multitude of streaming services, and gaming, just to name a few.

A very popular option for going out this summer has been drive-in movies, where one may stay in their car, a safe distance from others, and watch a movie with their family or friends outdoors.

LHS Junior Sylvie Ballou says, “I’ve begun to learn how to sew this summer during COVID!” Arts have had growing popularity as well, from puzzles to painting.

People have also worked hard to stay in touch with family and friends they may be unable to contact, whether using group FaceTime, Zoom, or simply emailing, people have worked hard to stay in touch.

Now that many businesses have found ways to safely reopen and school is beginning again for students, there is less time to occupy and more options for what to do safely. Even airlines are open again, but flying on airplanes can by no means be guaranteed as safe considering your close proximity to others.