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    I Hate COVID


    It’s funny, sitting here, writing away in the comfort of my own home. Next week we go back to school, in person. A sentence I’d never thought I’d have to say. But here we are, you and I, reading it like metaphorical words on a page.

    I’m no longer sure what week of quarantine we’re on, too many to count. Actually I probably could figure it out  but that’s too much work and doesn’t sound as dramatic. Either way I hate COVID. 

    I was trying to think of what to write about that wasn’t the election or COVID. Literally anything else. But I couldn’t come up with anything. It just continues to dominate the news. And now it’s become a political issue. Oh the democrats this, the republicans this. What a massive joke. I was hoping all summer that when we came around to the school year COVID would be solved and I’d never hear the word mask, 6 feet, or socially distanced. But that was wishful thinking. Here I sit, at home, typing away.

    I hate COVID for 2 main reasons. One, we’re losing a massive part of senior year. It feels like you’ve been told your whole life there’s a prize behind door number 3 and you finally open it and there is an empty cardboard box with a note saying “cancelled due to pandemic” haphazardly taped to the side.

    That’s what missing all the senior activities feels like. At the rate we’re going, Prom is looking like a goner along with homecoming. This week we saw another jump in cases which undoubtedly will be factored into decisions in the future. 

    The second reason is really that I miss seeing my friends, as do many others. It’s not the same over a zoom call or Facetime or anyone of the video chat applications. This whole pandemic has taken a lot from what we worked for and it has felt like one big slap in the face.

    So here’s to hoping that we find a solution soon, for everyone’s sake.

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