Global Anti-lock down protests

Global Anti-lock down protests

Lucy McIntire

Since COVID spread to the US, the number of cases has exploded throughout the country. A large reason for this was people not wanting to go into lock down to protect themselves, especially this many months in. The US currently has the most cases and the most deaths, and cases are on the rise again.

Lakewood, too, is still in partial lock down, and although there were plans to return to in person school for the second quarter, the number of cases of COVID in the county has caused the board to decide to stay online.

“Lakewood City Schools cannot resist the majority of students and families that want to go back. This is not learning at its finest,” says junior Teeghan McGann

Other places are also experiencing surging cases, for example, Europe. In London, as new COVID restrictions were set in place, thousands of anti-lock down protesters gathered.

London is not the only place in the world to have protests, either. Prague also had an anti-lock down protest that turned violent.

As the pandemic continues, more citizens all over the world have experienced strained relationships with governments over the restrictions, leading to more protests.

And, around the world, the people who have began protesting have been diverse: there were poor rural people, and wealthy urban people, who have all experienced the difficulties brought on by the virus.

However, the likelihood of a vaccine being available before well into next year in slim to none, according to companies, federal officials, (US) and scientists.

Above all, it is important to stay safe during the pandemic.