Halloween Horror Movies

Halloween Horror Movies

Ayden Wacker

Its that time of year —  hot chocolate, cozy pajamas, and scary movies.

And lately more and more scary movies are coming out with different meanings and crazy jump scares. With Halloween coming up and with COVID-19 going on, it’s only right to have a scary movie on when stuck inside the house.

One of the newer scary movies to come out that has become a big deal is a movie called, I’m Thinking of Ending Things.  A movie about a man and his new girlfriend that you later learn who she really is, and that we have all been fooled. This movie is a journey filled movie that will leave you confused throughout the movie. But what makes it so good is that at the end it will all make sense.

Another new scary movie is a movie called Hereditary. This movie is about a family’s bad luck because of their family genes. A curse is set on their family because of the kids’ grandmother. The movie is adventure and thrill filled, and it will leave you on the edge of your seat the entire time you are watching it.

When asked about what movies he suggests for people, Logan Mitchell, a senior at Lakewood High School, said,”For this time of year I would highly suggest binging the old classics, like Halloween, Jason and Nightmare on Elm Street. These movies are not the best quality wise, but they are always fun to have on during the month of October.

Scary movies play a huge role in Halloween, bringing fear to kids in a fun filled way to make October 31st that much better. With these suggestions a fun Halloween will be guaranteed even if we can’t have a normal Halloween due to COVID-19.