Voting in Ohio


Lucy McIntire

Voting looks different this year than other years before. While typically, the first Tuesday in November (the 3rd this year) is considered election day, this year is is being called “the last day of the election,” because of all the early voting. And, here in Ohio there are several ways to participate.

The early voting has already begun, and there will also be voting on election day.

People who have done in person voting (which began on on the weekends on Saturday the 24th) have seen particularly long lines. At the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, the line stretched over I-90 as people waited to vote.

Many are discussing how these long lines extending through the country point to the issue that voting is inaccessible or hard to participate in for some people, and voting needs to become more available.

In Ohio, anyone can request a mail-in ballot with no reason. This has been a more popular alternative this year because of the risk of contraction COVID, especially if you are surrounded by that many people.

You technically can still request a mail in ballot if you are a registered voter; however many people say that the ballot may not arrive in time to be counted. To turn the ballots in, you can mail them by November 2, or drive them to Cuyahoga County’s Board of Elections.

“I drove to the County Board of Elections, which was the only place in the county that you could drop off mail in ballots. Although it was surprisingly quick and easy, it is very inconvenient to have only one location for drop off,” said Matt McIntire, a Cuyagoha County resident.

This sentiment of frustration has been common among voters.