Kristen Thompson

Kristen Thompson

Armoni McNeill

Kristen Thompson is a math teacher at Lakewood High School. She has been teaching at Lakewood for 13 years. She teaches five sections of Algebra 2 this year. In the past, she has taught geometry and calculus.

Mrs.Thompson is a very hard working woman. She is so caring and loves to help her students. She always does her best to help all her students to the best of her ability.

I have had Mrs. Thompson for 2 years and, in my experience, she is an amazing teacher. When I was stress, she sat down with me and worked through each problem.

She often says, “Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are apart of the learning process.”┬áMrs. Thompson never gets mad at you for asking questions. she loves when you ask questions!

When interviewing Mrs. Thompson I asked her “What do you do if a struggling math student is stressed and feels like they will never learn math?”

Mrs. Thompson response: “I work with them and encourage them to keep working through the difficulty I want every student to succeed”

Mrs.Thompson never holds anything against you and she is always thinking in the present and how she can help you now.

Not many teachers are this caring to reach out to you and your parents to try and get you to do make-up work or anything to help you pass her math class.

I just want to thank Mrs. Thompson for helping me so much with math in my high school years.