David Coleman


William Hyatt

Senior David Coleman of the Lakewood Varsity Cross Country Team has put his heart and soul into his time here at Lakewood High School.  David has spent three years at the high school running cross and four years playing baseball.  To tag along with his amazing athletic ability, he achieves amazing grades in the classroom.

Q: How did your cross country season go?

“I like to think that my cross country season went well. Although I didn’t hit the specific time that I wanted, I ran much more consistently than my two previous years. On average, I was still much faster so I would consider that a success.”

Q: Did you enjoy being on the cross team all throughout high school?

“I loved being on the cross country team.  It is a very welcoming, positive group, and it is good to be around the guys. Throughout the years we have had so many fun team events like McQuaid, pasta feeds, and bonfires.  It is a lot of fun and I enjoyed every second of it.”

Q: In what ways did COVID-19 affect your cross country season?

“COVID-19 hampered our season, but we were resilient and still hung in there.  It cancelled most of our team events, limited the meets we could go to like McQuaid and Mentor, and provided a background-anxiety that haunted us all year.  Despite this, we still went to work every day and still had a good season.”

Q: Do you recommend cross country for someone who doesn’t play a fall sport?

“Cross country is a great option for anyone looking for a fall sport.  It provides a sense of community, keeps you in shape, and is a healthy way to go out and compete.  Being in the friendly and competitive environment, getting in better physical shape, and building the friendships would be beneficial to anyone, and the team is very welcoming regardless of skill level.”

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

“In my free time, I enjoy fishing, skiing, and hanging out with my friends, family, and dog.  High-quality free time is paramount to good mental health.”

Q: What are your plans for after high school?

“I plan to attend a four-year college and major in either Econ or Finance, and then work in that field.”