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    Social media can be toxic.

    Social media can be toxic.

    Social media can be used for good and bad.

    Not everything you see is true.

    The more children spend time on social medi, a the high chances of them getting cyberbullied or worse become the bully. Cyberbullying is a federal crime.

    The world is so attached to their phones and social media that is hard to get them to listen to important things such as schoolwork or jobs.

    In my own experience, I rarely see positive things on social media. It is mostly someone putting others down and saying mean, hurtful things

    Although there are some positives of social media, every day it seems to get a little more toxic.

    Kids should not be on social media due to a lack of self-guidance.

    A child copies what he or she sees and thinks it’s okay or “cool” because everyone else is doing it. There are a lot of bad influences in the media as well as bad influencers.

    It’s overwhelming to see how the world has come to such a negative place with technology.

    The internet is scary and dark.

    People love to see when others are down and it really makes me upset that people can sit behind a screen and bring others down. People should be able to express themselves without others telling them they can’t do it because of their race, weight height, etc.

    Thankfully, there is still some good left in the world and, in my personal opinion, if social media was banned, this world would be much better and happier.

    “The good thing about social media is that it gives everyone a voice. The bad thing is it gives everyone a voice.” – Brian Solis

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