A Viewpoint on the Election


Mason Orlando

It’s been an interesting road these last 4 years.

In 2016, we saw a showdown in politics like no other and this year we are getting to see another. I’m writing this in 2 parts, pre and post election. 

Pre: Today is Monday, November 2nd and I’m sitting here contemplating the battle of the century that is supposed to happen. I think it’s interesting looking at how American politics has been shaped-up over the last 4 years. It feels like we’ve gone from “Oh, our opinions differ, but we can still be friends” to “Because our opinions are different, you’re wrong and I hate you.”

I’m hoping that this time around, we can have a more civil election but I rather doubt it. 

At the moment, it’s projected that Biden is going to win a lot of swing states or at least a majority, though I’m not so sure. In 2016, we saw the election go the complete opposite from what it was projected  which doesn’t give me much hope for this year.

Either way, tomorrow we will know the future for America in the next 4 years.

Post: Today is Friday, November 6th. I waited a few days because I was hoping to be able to report a somewhat definite winner. 

However, it’s still a tossup, although Biden is still considered the favorite. With 6 states left in the balance, it can be anyone’s game despite Biden holding a lead with only 6 electoral votes to get to 270.

My biggest takeaway from this election is the fact that we have 2 candidates who are in their 70s while the median age in America is 37.9 — to me something is wrong with that picture.

Whatever the outcome, I’m sure there will be protests as one of the largest outcomes of this election will surely be that neither side can or will concede peacefully.

So here’s to a safe and progressive 4 years.

See you all in 2024.