Franklin Limkermann


William Hyatt

Junior Franklin Limkermann is a great student here at Lakewood High School.  He is a two-sport athlete playing both football during the fall and baseball during the spring.  Franklin puts his heart and soul into every little thing he does and it shows.  He achieves good grades along with his stellar athletic ability.

Q:  How has online school gone for you so far?

“So far, online school has not gone well for me.  I am a very hands-on learner, and online learning completely gets rid of that.”

Q: Do you hope to go back to school for the third quarter?

“I do hope to go back to school for the third quarter, especially because of some of the classes that I’m taking that would be ten times easier in person.”

Q: Are you excited for your upcoming junior baseball season?

“Hoping there are no unforeseen circumstances that cancel the season, I am definitely looking forward to playing baseball this year, as this would be my first ever full year in high school.”

Q: Do you plan to play varsity baseball this year?

“My goal for baseball is to play varsity, but I don’t think that’s a possibility at this point based on the other talent that we have on the team.”

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“In my free time, I enjoy lifting, running, throwing, or playing the drums.”

Q: So far what are some of your favorite memories at the high school?

“My favorite memory right now is leading the JV football team to a win over Bay Village, which was a personal game for me.”