How to Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID

How to Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID

Lucy McIntire

This Thanksgiving, it is important to stay safe. And while people normally celebrate in large groups of family or friends, that is not the safest option this year.

Ideally, everyone would be celebrating with the people they have been isolating (likely in the same house with). However, if you are celebrating with people from outside your house, the CDC has guidelines to follow to try and limit the spread of COVID.

You should be properly wearing masks and distancing, as people who do not have symptoms can spread the virus and probably won’t know they have it. Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer if that is more accessible.

The CDC recommends that if you are hosting, ideally this would be outside where the risk of spreading the virus is smaller. However, the weather will probably be to cold to host an enjoyable outdoors Thanksgiving. The next best option is a virtual Thanksgiving.

It is important to have a flu shot before celebrating Thanksgiving this year, because we are still dealing with COVID and do not want a huge outbreak of a secondary respiratory disease at the same time.

“I have plans to spend Thanksgiving with just my immediate family, depending if the numbers continue to get worse. I’m watching that parade at my mom’s and eating dinner at my dad’s,” says junior Sylvie Ballou.

Because COVID cases continue to rise so rapidly, some cities are asking citizens to cancel Thanksgiving plans, such as Chicago.