Black Friday- Expect the Unexpected

Black Friday- Expect the Unexpected

Madeline Cummings

Black Friday is the busiest in-store shopping holiday, with roughly 84.2 million shoppers on that day alone. Now, living in a pandemic world with all types of precautions, this holiday could take a turn for ultimate disaster.

All it takes is one careless person to enter a store on Black Friday and spread the virus to everyone who crosses their path. The virus is able to spreads from respiratory droplets released when someone who is contagious coughs, sneezes, or even talks. And because symptoms of Covid are still unclear that puts everyone participating in Black Friday at risk.

More than 154 million people shopped in-stores over the thanksgiving weekend in 2019, and now with many businesses suffering serious setbacks due to the much-needed mandatory coronavirus shutdown, business owners are desperate to get people in their doors.

As a way to ensure stores are still seeing business, the amazing Black Friday sales that we know and love will be longer lived, meaning because it is expected that more people will stay home on Black Friday due to the virus, the deals will be extended an extra week or so, depending on the store.

However, there is a possibility Black Friday won’t be as much of a risk as predicted. According to last year (2019) more sopped online than in stores, and with living in a pandemic world, we can hope that more people will look towards online shopping rather than in-store.

Senior Kate Healy says, “Since we can get everything online these days anyway, I think people should be content with just having cyber Monday and stores should just close on Black Friday.”

There are many pros to shopping online rather than in-store this year. Lines are expected to be extraordinarily long this year as there will only be a certain amount of people allowed in stores.

Remember stay safe and stay healthy and have a happy holiday!