Basketball Update


Ayden Wacker

Two kids on the Lakewood Basketball team have been confirmed to be positive for COVID-19.

The rules for Lakewood sports are that if a kid on the team tests positive for COVID, then everyone else that was around him/her in the past few days has to quarantine for two weeks. This will significantly delay the season because two weeks means four games missed or postponed.

As for me, being a member of the team, quarantining and not playing basketball for this long is tough. I have always loved the game, but when I can’t play it, I seem to love it even more because it is temporarily gone.  On the bright side it has been beneficial in how much more time it gives me for school work.  Hopefully this quarantine can give people on the team a chance to raise their grades.

As for future predictions on the season, it isn’t looking good. The fact that only two people got COVID so far and we have been delayed two weeks, means that there is a lot of room for other people on the team to get it. When these other people keep getting it, it will only lead to more delays and possibly a cancellation.

When asked about how he is feeling about the quarantine, Andre Hallenburg, a varsity player, said, “I honestly do not mind this quarantine because of how hard we have been hitting lately in practice. This rest is well needed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it everyday. ”

COVID-19 is inescapable; anyone can get it. Now that we know this we need to do what we can during this quarantine, and come back taking every safety precaution seriously.