Scammers are Selling The PS5 Box and Pictures on eBay


Jacob Goings

Since the PS5 is selling out so fast and it’s around Christmas time, scammers are taking the opportunity to try and make some money off of some poor people.

People who have either already bought the PS5, or are just doing it for money, are selling pictures of either the PS5 box or a picture of a PS5, and the sellers are convincing people it is actually the console.

Sellers are listing the PS5 as new, but the titles are deceptive. They are saying that they are selling a brand new PS5. The descriptions are the only truthful part, where they state that they are either selling only the box or only the picture of the PS5, and people are falling for it. “That’s messed up. I hope they get punished,” says Colin Hill, a junior at Lakewood High School.

This scam is especially smart because in the description, and sometimes in the title, it states that they are selling a photo or only the box, but some people miss that.

As of November 29th, someone was selling a picture of a white digital-only PS5 with 1TB, and someone bet on it for about 240 US dollars, so some people are falling for it, and the scammers are getting away with it. Thankfully the listing was later taken down and the buyer’s money was saved.

As of November 28th, eBay also started cracking down on the scammers and they started taking down listings that were selling just the pictures or boxes.