Is Nate Robinson’s reputation over?

Is Nate Robinsons reputation over?

Armoni Mcneill

On Saturday night, YouTuber Jake Paul boxed NBA player and slam dunk champion Nate Robinson as a pre-fight match for the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones fight. Jake Paul is known around the world for his channel on YouTube. He has boxed before on his channel.

While the world was rooting for Nate, he sadly let us all down. Jake knocked out Nate in the second round,or as everyone around the world would say, “he put him to sleep.”

Jake arrived to “Basketball” by Bow Wow to troll Robinson.

Before the fight, Nate tweeted “@stephencurry30 Gonna shock the world bro” and after the fight, Golden State’s point guard Stephen Curry replied, ” I see no lies.” When Nate was hit, he fell to the ground and was not getting back up. Curry later tweeted “be ok Nate……come on man.”

As the teens today would say, Nate is being “clowned” by the internet.

Although Jake Paul is a little disliked by the world, some people still had money on him during the fight. This was not his first match; late last year he fought KSI, another YouTuber who is a professional boxer.

Jake Paul says in an interview that he sent a DM to Nate (direct message) later after the fight letting him know that he is praying for him, and they should get together and connect sometime.

Although things did not go as planned, it was a great fight overall and many feel that way. Senior Saleh Odat says “It was a good fight to watch even if you don’t watch sports. It was funny as well but hoping Nate Robinson will be okay after that hit.”