Trump Is Losing, Again.


Mason Orlando

Well, if you were surprised to see another blow to Donald Trump’s campaign to frame the election as “stolen”, you shouldn’t be. Yes, that’s right; once again the President has lost a substantial argument in the way of the election. More embarrassingly, this isn’t his first major loss. Since his declaration that the election was “stolen,” he has continued to lose in every court where he has laid claim. Not surprisingly, there is a significant lack of evidence to support his claims. Just this week Attorney General William Barr, a known Trump ally, stated that there is no evidence to support widespread voter fraud. 

Of course, now that Trump has been voted out, his allies are running for the hills. It’s like if you decided to stand on the Titanic as it sank and just yell “Voter fraud! Stolen election!” But let’s be honest, Trump trying to fight tooth and nail should be no surprise. If we expected him to leave the White House peacefully, we were kidding ourselves. We’ve seen in the past how resilient he can be especially when there is push back. Just look at when he had COVID, a virus that has killed thousands in the US and over a million worldwide. He stood before the American people and told them it was nothing, used the best healthcare in the world, felt better in three days, and perpetuated that COVID was simply a cold while people died around the country.

His loss in courts should come as no surprise to anyone; he’s consistently made refutable claims that he simply cannot support with any sufficient evidence. Because of this, he’s lost every battle and will likely lose the war on top of it. His loss in courts is nothing but retribution for the American people after four years of repeated abuse. Only time will tell how this war will end.