Glasses created by Google


Jacob Goings

Back in about 2014, Google created something called Google Glass, and it received lots of hate.

Consumers could buy it for about $1,000, and it was basically a pair of glasses with a video camera attached to it.

It received lots of criticism, and it was mainly because it violated many privacy laws.

It also had many more uses, such as showing the weather, phone calls, text messages, photos, and more. All of these can be viewed by a screen built into the glasses, and it is controlled by a touchpad on the side of the glasses.

These glasses also had face recognition and voice commands, and this is why most people disliked them. They believed the glasses were taking their data and storing it.

In 2017, Google released the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, and in 2019 they released the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Both of these pairs of glasses are for business use only and are not available to consumers. It also cost $1,500. “I wouldn’t buy these even if I could. They are way too expensive,” says Franklin Limlemann, a junior at Lakewood High School.

A company by the name of Augmendix created an app for the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 1 and 2 in 2015 that would supposedly eliminate electronic health record problems. This would save nurses and doctors about 15 hours a week.

These glasses can also help in radiology, as demonstrated by Doctors Phil Haslam and Sebastian Mafeld in 2014. They showed how the pair of glasses assisted in a liver biopsy and fistulaplasty.

These glasses also helped medical students. While a surgeon was working, they were broadcasting the surgery onto a laptop in a different room that the students were watching on.