The First Game


Ayden Wacker

This year’s basketball season has been delayed and delayed many times due to COVID-19. But on Tuesday we finally had our first game against Parma!

The first game was supposed to be on November 28th, but then it was delayed till the 7th. And then it was delayed till the 11th and now the 14th it is finally starting. This longer time before the first game can also be an advantage for our team because it gives us more time to be prepared and ready.

During this time of adversity leading up to the first game, Coach Lovett has gathered film from players for a documentary of the season. The adversity of COVID-19 will just make the series that much better. He told the players to record themselves doing at-home workouts and displaying what their everyday lives look like at home.

The documentary also shows different players talking on their opinions of these delays and how they will just keep pushing through it. The film will become a great display for hard work and dedication when adversity is thrown at you. And now that the first game is here, there is finally some light shining on the situation.

When asked about how he feels on the upcoming first game, Andre Hallenburg, a varsity player, said, “Im really excited to finally be able to play a real game because it has been so long. It has been hard to get constant delays but honestly I think it brought us all closer together, which in the end will give us a better chance at winning that game.”

The first game on Tuesday was a test on how Lakewood can handle this adversity because the Rangers won by 4.