Cheap And Sweet

Cheap And Sweet

Sylvie Ballou

We have entered the season of giving, but as young teens, many of us don’t have the amount of cash in our pockets as we would like so getting gifts for friends, family, and loved ones may be a bit tricky; however, still very possible.

There are some options that are completely free. You could draw, paint, collage, sculpt, or just create a picture of the person you have in mind. (This year my friends and I did Secret Santa and for my gift, I drew a picture of my friend using crayon and pencil). You could write a story about you and the person you want to get a gift for, draw a comic of them going on a wild adventure, or write a letter containing your feelings about that person.

There are also some options that are cheap but still perfect. Lion and Blue sells 20 incense sticks (the little stick that smokes and emotes the most comforting smells) for $1.50, and a little stand to put them in for only $2. You could always go to the nearest drug store and get some candy, a classic gift that no one will be upset about receiving. You could go to a thrift store and look through their $1-$5 movies, and although their collection consists mostly of Rom-Coms, if you keep looking you might find something good (I found The Dark Night once).

No matter which approach you chose, even if it something I didn’t mention, just getting a gift can make a person content, before they even know what is in it.