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    Winter Cleaning Frees Space In Your House And In Your Mind


    As we enter the coldest time of the year and we find ourselves bored and isolated, add a pandemic and we are outdoor cats trapped inside for three months losing our minds in a rough case of cabin fever. So it is important to find ways to allow yourself to be productive and entertained. One winter activity that can provide productivity and a healthier mind is winter cleaning, a typical case of out with the old and in with the new: it’s a perfect way to jump into the New Year.

    A very important aspect of winter cleaning is the act of going through your clothes and getting rid of the items that no longer have a purpose in your wardrobe. I find it best to make three piles: clothes you are going to keep, clothes that are too dirty or ripped to be donated (these will end up in the trash or can be reused as washcloths), and a pile of clothes that either don’t fit or no longer suit your style (these can be donated or given to family members who might want them).

    After clothes are sorted through it is important to go through a similar process with any form of clutter in your house (toys, books, knick-knacks, or dishes). Harvard Medical School says that “a clean, organized space is a healthier, more soothing environment, “which is exactly why winter cleaning can be so important. Winter cleaning is your chance to give back and spoil yourself with a clean mind, not with goods.

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