Round Two of the Stimulus


Mason Orlando

It’s time for round two of the stimulus checks to roll out! This latest round has been receiving controversy from both sides, Republican and Democrat. Why, you may ask? It’s because instead of $1,200 this time, it’s a measly $600. 

The bill in question rings out to a total $900 billion in aid to Americans and is broken down into small business loans, unemployment benefits, aid for theaters and other entertainment venues, stimulus checks, money for vaccine distribution, and a few others. The major controversy is currently surrounding the stimulus checks — in the entire bill only $166 billion is contributed toward direct relief to the American public. Many Senators, including Senator Bernie Sanders, have argued that it does not provide the relief necessary to help struggling Americans. And despite their push back, the bill was passed rather quickly. 

Many Americans have expressed outrage for Congress now because of the low relief amount. The direct stimulus to struggling Americans only accounts for roughly 18% of the total bill. However, the extra money does go toward helping struggling businesses and other important aspects such as emergency funds for renters and food assistance. 

One other part of the bill that has garnered some controversy is the $10 million towards gender studies in Pakistan. In actuality, the studies were a part of the defensive bill that was included with the COVID relief package and not the relief bill itself. So what do you think? Is $600 enough? Is it too much or too little? And should Congress have put more money into direct relief? Either way, only the future can tell what will happen.