A Fan Render of the Xbox Series Z


Jacob Goings

There is a big argument over which is better: the Xbox Series X or the PS5? But what if Microsoft took a different turn with their products and started to compete with the Nintendo Switch? That’s where this fan render of the Xbox Series Z comes in.

The concept video for the Xbox Series Z that was trending on TikTok looks like a combination of a Nintendo 3DS and an Xbox Controller. It looks like a good enough console that could take the top spot in portable gaming away from the Nintendo Switch.

The Xbox Series V, which surfaced back in October, is white and has the top half as a screen and the bottom half as a controller with joy-cons that pop out when you open it. The current Xbox Series Z has a similar design: it is black and the top half is a screen, but it also has a screen in the middle of the bottom half, which can be used for navigating. This mini-display can also slide up and down for adjustment.

Microsoft doesn’t have any mobile games that are being developed, but they don’t need it since they have the Game Pass Ultimate for Android. This basically allows people with strong Android phones to play Xbox games on their phones. They also have accessories that allow you to dock and connect your phone to an Xbox controller, which makes this experience even better.

Sadly, since this technology is not currently out yet and this is just a concept, we won’t be seeing an Xbox like this for at least a few years. “This sounds really cool! I might have to get one if and when they come out,” says Quinton Turpin, a sophomore at Lakewood High School.