Job Openings Near You!

Job Openings Near You!

Ayden Wacker

Even though there is a pandemic going on and the economy is taking a hit right now, there are still many opportunities to get a job in the Cleveland area.

One job that is open in Cleveland is to work for Prana IV Therapy. This job requires you to manage large amounts of calls, generate sales leads, identify and assess customers needs until they are satisfied.  This job requires you to be a people person and to really be interested in building relationships with customers.

Another job open right now is to work in sales and to be a remote representative for Payroll and Hr in Cleveland.  You would be responsible for driving revenue growth and bringing in  new prospects. This job will also require you to set up appointments with business owners and to educate them on this company.

When asked what he thought about these open and local jobs, Logan Mitchell, a senior at Lakewood High School, said”These jobs are for adults with a little bit of experience, therefore I think these would be helpful for kids’ parents in the area if they were just recently laid off or fired because of COVID-19.”

During this pandemic many adults have been laid off or even let go because companies are trying to do everything they can to stay afloat.  But there is still hope for these adults/parents to bring in a decent amount of income temporarily until they get back to what they really want to do. They can take one of these jobs and figure things out later.