Untitled Vignette by Hay Nay Lwi

Hay Nay Lwi

 You know that feeling you get when you find out something you shouldn’t have or when you receive bad news about something. It crushes you and your whole body turns weak. All you want to do is lay in bed and not talk to anyone because when you do, your tears start falling and before you know it you’re bawling your eyes out. Times like this are extremely painful. Your heart aches and you can’t think clearly. It hurts, it really does. Your body starts to shiver and your tears start to come out. You crawl up into a ball under your blanket. Your tears start to fall and you try not to make a sound. You don’t want anyone to hear you because it is night time. Holding in your tears, your chest begins to feel tight, but you keep biting on your lips so you don’t make any noise. You whisper to yourself that everything will get better and grab your earbuds. Opening spotify, you play the sad songs playlist. You shut off your phone and close your eyes. After praying that you will forget everything, you force yourself to sleep and hope tomorrow will be a better day. Well tonight was that kind of night.