Dog Saved From Fire


Ayden Wacker

On January 28th, a couple named Jonathan and Kathy saved their dog from their own house fire in Cleveland.

The couple was out running errands when suddenly, they got a notification from Alexa that the smoke alarms were going off and that there was smoke everywhere. They couldn’t believe it until they tuned to the Alexa and looked at their Ring cameras and saw smoke; they also heard lots of crackling noises and popping.

They then rushed home and as soon as they got there, Jonathan ran into the house to save their dog Cooper. It was very difficult to see things in his house because of the black smoke. Jonathan said “it was so thick you couldn’t even see six inches in front of your face.” Knowing that he could barely see he still went in and did everything he could to save Cooper. Luckily the dog was in his playpen right by the front door so Jonathan didn’t have to travel far.

The couple afterwards said that while this fire was going on they weren’t even thinking about their house, all they could think about was Cooper not being okay. Therefore, they did whatever they could to make sure their “baby” as they described him, was healthy and well.

After being told the story, Logan Mitchell, a student at Lakewood High School, said “I think it is extremely brave and selfless for that guy to run into a fire and save his dog. I’d like to think that I would do the same thing if I was ever in a situation like that.”

If it wasn’t for Alexa, this couple would not be able to hold and love their dog right now. Nowadays technology can save lives.