Top Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Top Blue Light Blocking Glasses

William Hyatt

During a time like this, most people have an increased time on most of their devices, whether that be their phone, computer for work, or televisions. Our eyes are taking a major toll from all of this blue light intake.

“For someone who is always on their phone and computer, blue light glasses may have been the smartest purchase I have made in a while. They have greatly reduced headaches and eye strain. I love them,” says junior Grace Hoppel.

Blue light causes eye strain when looking at a screen, which could lead to serious headaches and eye damage in the future.

Here are five of the best blue light blocking glasses on the market (in no particular order).

1: Spektrum Prospek Arctic, listed at around 50 dollars. These blue light glasses are perfect for people constantly using their computers for either work or other personal uses.  The lens’ slight yellow tint filters out blue light without discoloring the screen.  For an additional fee, you can add your own prescription to the glasses.  Although the price may look daunting, they will pay off in the long run.

2: Felix Gray Roebling, listed anywhere from 40-100 dollars. The Felix Gray is more for looks when it comes to blue light glasses.  There are tons of different colorways to choose from, along with being able to customize them to fit your prescription.

3: ElementsActive Over Glasses Anti Blue Blocker, listed for about 20 dollars.  If you are looking for a cheaper pair of blue blocking glasses, there are the ones. These glasses get the job done when it comes to blocking blue light and are perfect for people that need to wear their own glasses under them.

4: Gunnar Intercept, listed anywhere from 30-80 bucks.  Leaning in a different direction, the Gunnar Intercepts are perfect blue light glasses for gamers.  They are advertised as gaming glasses that work for any computer or television viewing.  Their yellow-tinted lenses may deter the color of the screen just a bit, but the coloring softens the lights emitted from the screen.

5: Tom Ford Blue Light Blocking Glasses, going for 385 dollars.  If you have money to spend and are out in the sun a lot, the Tom Fords are the way to go.  The clear lenses are enhanced by a blue coating to reduce blue light exposer while doubling as a pair of sunglasses.