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    Are We Draining The Swamp?


    This week, another conspiracy-pushing bureaucrat bit the dust. Majorie Taylor Greene, or MTG as she’s referred to, was voted off her committee assignments on Thursday, February 5th. In a house vote of 230 – 199, MTG was effectively removed from her assignments due to past comments on her Facebook. What were these comments, you may ask?

    Well, simply put, they were the same conspiracies being pushed by the far right for the last few years. Some of the United States’ worst tragedies including 9/11, the Parkland shooting, and Sandy Hook have invited right-wing conspiracy theorists forward from the shadows and MTG was no exception. She took to Facebook after the tragic Parkland shooting to call David Hogg, a Parkland student, a “coward” and said that he was being paid to act by George Soros. She has also questioned whether or not a plane was crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11.

    Rhetoric like this has plagued the Republican Party for some years now. The danger of promoting these false truths (or “alternative facts,” if you’re Kellyanne Conway) is that they often leave stains on a party’s reputation. Many other conspiracies that have been promoted by republicans such as QAnon, the belief that there is a satan-worshipping pedophilic cabal that is running a child sex-trafficking ring and actively plots against former president Donald Trump, have left the party with a reputation for being a few cents short of a dollar.

    If the Republican Party wishes to remain any sort of force in the way of politics, they’d be smart to dump more people like MTG, who certainly have nothing valuable to say.

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