Good Reads For the Cold

Good Reads For the Cold

Ayden Wacker

The weather lately has been nothing less than freezing, leaving people with no option but to stay inside and figure out something to keep them busy when they aren’t in school or working. A good idea for this weather is to let your mind relax by picking up a nice book.

One intriguing book that will keep you on the edge of your seat is Stephen King’s Misery:  a story about a woman who traps her favorite writer in her house because of an obsession she has with him. Both people do things that you would have never anticipated, leaving you uneasy and surprised.

Another great read is the book Snow Child. This novel really captures the ideas of lost hope and happiness, all in one. A child that was built from snow becomes something much more than a snowman to a couple that lives in Alaska.  The couple discovers that this child might be their path to happiness.

When asked about what good books he had read lately, Mark Jarrous, a senior at Lakewood High School, said “I don’t tend to read that much, but the last good book I remember reading is The Outsiders. It always gets me emotional because of how powerful the story line is. I also really feel for the characters a lot more now because they are around the same age. Now I feel like I need to revisit that book.”

With COVID-19 present everywhere and it being under 30 degrees out everyday, picking up a book and letting your mind relax might be just what you need.