A New Chip for Apple’s MacBook

A New Chip for Apples MacBook

Jacob Goings

When Apple was creating their new wave of MacBooks, they finally decided to get a new chip. All of these chips will be based on the technology from the new iPhones and iPads, but with important modifications for the MacBooks.

These new MacBook processors will soon be replacing the Intel chips inside of the older MacBooks, which will be the biggest change they have made to their computers in a long time.

This new MacBook chip (named the Apple M1 Chip) has silicon inside of it, which greatly improves the performance.

All of the M1 MacBooks have been outperforming their Intel counterparts so far. The M1 MacBook Air is about 3.5 times faster than the Intel MacBook Air, and the M1 MacBook Pro is about 2.8 times faster than the Intel MacBook Pro.

Also, the battery life on these new M1 chips is much better. On a web browsing based battery test, the new M1 MacBook Air lasted about 15 hours, whereas the Intel MacBook Air only lasted about 9.5 hours.

This switch to Apple’s own chips will also lower the total cost to produce their computers, which in turn might lower the price of their computers.

These new chips have an 8-core processor and a 16-core Neural Engine, so each core will be much faster than its Intel counterpart.

The best part about Apple using their own chips is that they can add their own touches to them. This means that they can customize them any way they want, and they won’t need permission from Intel anymore. “These look expensive,” says Quinton Turpin, a sophomore at Lakewood High School.