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    New Fan Controlled Football League


    What is the Fan Controlled Football League?  This is yet another football league created following the Super Bowl.  The name is pretty self-explanatory; the fans pick each of the team’s plays and players.  To start off one of the games, the fans had the captains of each team play rock paper scissors to decide who got the ball first.

    The FCF league contains four different teams ( Beasts, Zappers, Glacier Boyz, and Wild Aces) competing in a six-week season.  What they are competing for though is a very good question.  It is assumed that there will be some sort of playoff with a small prize for each of the winning players to top it off.

    Each team has a few different owners.  Big names are included among these owners, with Marshawn Lynch, Johnny Manzel, and Quevo owning different teams.  Marshawn decided to suit up for his team’s game but bailed out before it began.

    This past Saturday held the first two matchups in FCF history. The Wild Aces pulled out a win against the Glacier Boyz along with The Beats beating out the Zappers.

    All of the players in the league are being paid surprisingly low (anywhere from 400-750 dollars) considering how much money the owners of each team have. Although this is very low, it does make a lot of sense considering the league brings in a very low amount of money.

    “I think it is very stupid to bring in another football league.  Look at how the past ones have turned out; what makes this one any different from those one?” says junior Teeghan McGann.


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