10 People Rescued by Coast Guard After Ice Breaks off Edgewater Park


Lucy McIntire

On Sunday, February 21st, it was reported that 10 people had become stranded off Edgewater Park in Cleveland after walking on ice that broke from the shore. The Coast Guard and Cleveland emergency personnel had to be called in for the rescue.

While the shores of Lake Erie may be frozen for now due to cold temperatures, the ice is not solid enough to walk on. The National Weather Service Cleveland office tweeted a picture of the cracking ice, saying, “Definitely do not recommend going on the ice.”

Many emergency personnel have also spoken saying that the ice is absolutely not safe to walk on, including Captain Brandon McNamara who is in charge of Cleveland Fire’s water rescue squad. McNamara said, “If you’re just looking out at the ice – and thinking it would be a cool place to take a selfie, you shouldn’t go out there.” So, it’s best to observe from a distance. 

There are several places in the Cleveland area that offer great views of the lake, including Edgewater Park and the Lakewood Solstice Steps. 

Another risk that comes with walking on the ice, besides floating away, is the possibility of it cracking and falling in. With the water’s icy temperature, falling in will lead to rapid hypothermia and death. Earlier this season, the Coast Guard warned against walking on the ice due to the possible risk of falling in, advising, “not to venture onto the ice. Never assume the ice is safe, even if others are on it.”