Graffiti Expression


Ayden Wacker

In today’s society, self expression has taken a toll everywhere. Because of different tragedies, people have been protesting and have been left with no choice but to become violent. To get their word out there, they have to protest; there isn’t any other option. Unless we can begin a new era of self expression and art all in one.

In Atlanta, Georgia, there are plenty of walls with art and statements written all over them. There are statements about how police have handled certain things and there are statements recognizing certain individuals. These walls have given people a voice because they can tell all the people driving by how they feel without having to actually see them. A statement on the wall could change the mindset of someone driving by.

The Northeast Ohio area has been an active participant in the protests and such. It has gotten violent because people aren’t noticing the real issues. If Cleveland can use some of their open wall area as a legal graffiti wall, then more voices will be heard and possibly less violence and destruction.

When asked what he thinks about this idea, Riley Ulintz, a junior at Lakewood High School, said “I really like that idea because I feel like it is a win-win. The city gets to add some new personal art while helping others gain their inner voice. I definitely think Cleveland should add this, I would definitely add some art to it.”

Complete peace would be great, but that is not realistic. We need to find little things that will take us as close to peace as we can get, and a legal graffiti wall full of self expression from others can be a small but effective step towards peace.