How Megan Thee Stalion Has Become an Influence For Women Everywhere

How Megan Thee Stalion Has Become an Influence For Women Everywhere

Madeline Cummings

Thee Stallion is making quite thee impact on women worldwide – with her empowering music she is able to connect with the women of the 21st century. She sings out against the societal pressures placed on women, and the anger that accumulates from the inequality we face every day. 

Rapper of the year and four-time BET award winner Megan Thee Stallion is seeing much success in her career but she has a lot more going on than just making music for pretty girls.  She is in her final semester at Texas Southern and is getting her degree in health administration.

Megan says her mother and grandmother are her two sources of motivation for finishing school while in the midst of her fame. She told PEOPLE magazine “I want to get my degree because I really want my mom to be proud.” 

Making money, and getting her degree this woman isn’t letting anyone stand in the way of her success. Megan is an outstanding role model to so many women; she competed very hard to create a successful career for herself, all while pursuing an education. In an industry that is dominated by males, this rapper made her place right on the pedestal and isn’t planning on moving anytime soon. 

But she stands for so much more, with all of the hate and violence we have seen towards the black community, and with so much of the deep systematic racism just now being unmasked having a black, female artist win Rapper of the Year is an accomplishment for women everywhere. 

Senior Maxwell Potter says “Even after making a fortune, she goes out of her way to get her degree, and shows the continual strive of women to distance themselves from the pressures of body standards in society, and having confidence in yourself.”

During the BLM protests, Megan said it was “ part two of the civil rights movement.” She learned to used her platform to speak out against the sociopolitical state of the U.S. and all the injustices that have been done to people of color. She has taken to social media to create awareness for the many black lives lost due to police brutality and voices much concern for the rights many are still fighting to obtain.