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    “Cupid’s Platonic Arrow” by Matthew Mannion

    Cupid sat atop the inactive volcano. The lava inside was bubbling and creating steam. He placed his face in the steam, feeling the warm and cool sensation at once. However, he ended up leaning just a bit too far and started falling. Luckily, he had wings. They were white and beautiful. He managed to save himself from being burned to death, but a few of his arrows fell out of his satchel. It was leather and had a strap from one end to the other. It sat on his back, being held on his shoulder and across his body. His bow was tucked between the strap and the back of his shoulder, securely in place. He had very few arrows in there at the time, causing them to be loose. 

    Two remained in the satchel while two plummeted to the lava. The volcano began to produce a low grumble. He flew even further back and saw a big mushroom cloud appear above the volcano. However, it wasn’t a typical mushroom cloud. It was heart shaped and dusty pink. The smoke filled the air and he lifted his arm to cover his eyes. A bright light shined as his arrows were launched back at him. He caught them, a pointy red heart facing him. He scratched his head and said to himself, “What in the world just happened?” He just shrugged it off and flew back to his home.

    Meanwhile in a beautiful green forest, there was a beautiful young girl named Makyla and a handsome young boy named Vance. They were always mistaken for a couple, and they both started to think that was a good idea. They were perfectly compatible, they just needed a little push from the god of love for their romance to begin. They felt happy and safe in each other’s company and were together as much as possible.

    Makyla took Vance’s hand and led him to a very scenic cliff. The grass around was bright green and there were no trees in the area. The flowers were bright pink and blue. They sat down in a patch where there were no flowers, not wanting to harm nature. They stared off into the distance below the cliff and saw the clear blue lake. It was surrounded by life. Beautiful green plants, buzzing insects, swimming ducks, and fish that were visible through the water. This was a perfect place for a romance to begin, and Cupid noticed this. 

    Their hands were still intertwined while Vance gently picked a bright pink flower. He looked her in the eyes and handed it to her. A huge smile crept across her face. She took it from him and they both started laughing. This is when Cupid appeared, finally ready to make this love final. He hovered above them and took out his bow and two arrows. He carefully aimed at Makyla and took the shot. It disappeared the moment it came in contact with her, sinking into her very being. He then aimed at Vance and did the same. He sat back and watched it unfold.

    Vance turned towards Makyla and took her other hand. He looked into her light green eyes with much passion and love. It was clear Cupid’s arrow had worked. She smiled back at him, but not as intensely as he had hoped. He softly said to her, “Makyla, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. You make me happy just by being around. I have fallen very deeply for you, and I have a feeling that you may feel the same.” 

    She gazed at him, not saying anything. Doubt and hurt started to fill her. She wasn’t feeling what he was. She felt love, but not that deep eternal true love. Her expression changed as she slowly started to back away. He noticed this behavior and gently grasped her right cheek. He pulled her face close and spoke softly once more, “What’s the matter, my love? Don’t you feel it? There is an undoubted connection and love between us.”

    “Vance darling, there is love and connection. Don’t get me wrong, but I feel strange about this.”

    “What do you mean, my love? We are made for each other. I love you so dearly.”

    “I love you too, but it is unlike any love I have felt.”

    “Why of course! This is true love we have!”

    “No, not like that. I love you deeply, but not the same way. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s a love I have for someone like my brother. However, you are not my brother. This all just doesn’t make sense.” She began to cry and fell into his arms, burying her face in his chest. He held her close and stroked the back of her head. He wanted to be there for her, but his heart had just been shattered. When those words left her mouth, he immediately felt the immense chest pain.

    Cupid was still watching, very confused. He then realized that he shot one of the arrows that fell into the volcano. The volcano created a love arrow, but a platonic one. Cupid’s heart started to ache for Vance, but life goes how it goes. He flew back to his home while they stayed on the cliff.

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