Indians Season Update

The Indians are off to a good start this season, standing in second place of the AL Central standings .5 games back at 6-5.  The Indians played the Detroit Tigers in their first series of the season, winning only one of three.  The second series was played against the Kansas City Royals, winning one of two games. The Indians were back at it again against the Tigers, winning three of three games.  The Indians are in the middle of a series against the Chicago White Sox, down one to two with one game to go.

This is a better than expected start to the season considering all that we have lost in the past year or so.  As expected, the Indians pitching line-up has stayed elite through their losses of Bauer, Clevinger, and Carrasco. Somehow their pitching coach finds a way to keep them on top despite being less skilled than others.

Shane Bieber is the Indians ace, coming off a Cy Young-winning season.  Bieber is 1-1 on the season with one of his most impressive starts coming against the White Sox. In this game Bieber went nine innings, allowing no runs and only three hits.

A big hindrance on the Indians this year will be their hitting.  This past week, Wednesday the 14th, the Indians were held to zero hits against the White Sox. “I can’t believe the Indians were held to no hits! It honestly should have been a perfect game, but we got lucky,” said sophomore Quinton Turpin.

For the Indians to make a legit run for the playoffs this season, a few things are going to need to happen.  Bieber and the pitching staff will have to stay locked down and allow very few runs.  Their defense is going to have to play better than late, and the offense is going to have to be at least a little bit productive than usual.

“If the Indians can put up a few runs on the board every game I think they will have a shot at making it to the playoffs and even winning a series or two,” says Junior Aidan Sterling.