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    Electric Cars and Their Benefits

    Electric Cars and Their Benefits

    With Tesla taking over the world, electric cars have made a new name for themselves. Other car brands such as BMW and Ford have also started to create models that are either hybrid or fully electric. The fast growth in electric car making can only be attributed back to their greener effect on the environment.

    The average electric car costs about 3 cents per mile; compared to regular cars with an average of 10 cents per mile. That might not seem like a huge difference when looking at one mile, but when those miles continuously add up, the major difference in cost will easily be seen. With electric cars needing to be charged, it also helps with convenience. If someone has a charger at their house, they would be able to just plug it in and have it be fully charged the next day.

    The environment is also a huge factor to consider when choosing a car. Electric cars serve as a much greener alternative compared to gas or diesel vehicles. Gas and diesel vehicles release tons of exhaust into the environment which pollutes a significant amount of the air. Picking an electric car allows for less air pollution.

    When asked about what he thinks of electric cars, Ethan Daniels, a senior at Lakewood High School, said “When I grow up I really want to own an electric car because of my care for the environment, and also my dad has one. They are so much better in my opinion.”

    Electric cars might cost a little bit more money, but if everyone could spend that extra bit of money we can all be one step closer to eliminating air pollution.

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