The Place To Be

Mason Orlando

This week we’re going to take another look at a popular Lakewood restaurant. Residing just slightly north from Detroit and Warren is The Place To Be. The Place To Be has been a part of Lakewood for many years. Its affordable food and cozy atmosphere have made it a common place to grab a fantastic breakfast.

Walking past The Place To Be, you wouldn’t think much of it. The small storefronts tucked away behind the old Campbell’s make it hardly distinguishable from the busy stores of Detroit. Once you walk in however, the restaurant is far larger than what appears on the outside. Slightly outdated decor fills the restaurant, leaving it with a homey diner type feeling. Once you sit down, you are left feeling like you are right in your own home. The kind staff is always quick to ask how you’ve been and how your day is going. Then you look at the menu.

If every major breakfast chain had a competitor, it would be The Place To Be. Their menu easily covers every breakfast item from the basics to skillets to breakfast sandwiches. Even better, if you have a hankering for some lunch items, they have those too. This time around I had corned beef hash, which for me, is a standard. All I can say is wow: all around a great meal with great taste. 

Now, of course in the end, everything boils down to price. At The Place To Be you can easily spend $20 on two people and leave with extras. The food is extremely affordable for anybody, especially high school students. There is one stipulation: The Place To Be is cash only. However, there is an ATM at the door for anyone who forgets. Overall, The Place To Be is a killer Lakewood restaurant. It can be hard to find really good breakfast places sometimes but The Place To Be makes sure that you leave happy and satisfied. 10/10, would recommend.