Two Perspective-Changing Songs

Ayden Wacker

Can three to four minutes change your perspective? Plenty of songs out there speak of different people’s life stories and how they were able to make it past certain struggles. Hearing these songs can make someone realize that they should appreciate all that they have. Just by doing this, someone’s whole outlook on life could change.

One example of these perspective-changing songs is Wild World by Cat Stevens. This tragic love song tells the story of a man who must let a girl go, but he also knows that it is a hard and tough world out there. This song brings a new viewpoint on love. The fact that if you really love someone you will still try and make sure they are okay and well, even after they have hurt you.

Another one of these perspective-changing songs is Imagine by John Lennon. “Imagine all the people living for today.” John Lennon gives us a different way to view life. He talks about the fact that if people wouldn’t constantly think about the future and what will happen when we die, then we can live in the moment and enjoy all the little things that happen to us throughout our lives.

Everyone chooses a way to think of life without even knowing it, whether it is because of experiences they have been through or their influences around them. But listening to a song can really change that sometimes, because the rhythm and the sound of the voice mixed with the background sounds brings out this certain emotion in us that causes us to ponder. A single three to four minute song can change your life.