Dave’s Cosmic Subs vs. The Competition

Mason Orlando

There’s plenty of sub places around Lakewood that you can visit anytime; Subway, Jimmy Johns, Jersey Mikes, but they are all national chains. Lakewood is lucky enough to have its own specialized sub chain: Dave’s Cosmic Subs. 

Residing in a storefront on Detroit’s main strip, it’s hard to miss the neon sign signaling the one-stop sub shop. Once you walk in you’re greeted by a rather tall room with the walls covered from head to toe in various music memorabilia and Lakewood apparel alike. Once you make your way over to the counter, you’re greeted by a rather large menu of all types of subs from the classic Italian, to meatball, and even a cordon bleu sub. 

This trip to Dave’s Cosmic Subs, I decided to go with the Crazy Dave. A sandwich topped with prosciutto, capicola, hot peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, provolone, crushed red pepper, herbs, and Dave’s Cosmic Sauce. Overall, the sandwich had a great taste with the crushed red pepper and hot peppers adding an unexpected layer of heat. The lettuce and onions gave the sandwich a nice crunch on top of it all while the Dave’s Cosmic Sauce tied the sandwich all together. I would highly recommend The Crazy Dave to any sandwich lover who is looking for a simple delicious sub to enjoy. 

Now for everyone’s favorite part: price point. Many sub places offer similar pricing; a simple turkey sub will set you back $7 – $8 at a Subway without any extras. At Dave’s Cosmic Subs? For a loaded sub you’re looking at $6 – 8. While there’s not a huge difference in price, the product is better tenfold. Better quality, better service, and more bang for your buck. It’s hard to go wrong with a deal like that. 

If you’re out and about and are feeling a sub, I would highly recommend Dave’s Cosmic Subs. With competitive pricing, high quality food, and amazing decor, it’s hard to find a reason to not support such a great place. In addition, Dave’s Cosmic Subs is a local chain that has opened three more places in Columbus, Fort Myers, and Case Western fairly recently. So what are you waiting for? Get your sub on!