NFL Draft

Dylan Ferry, Sports

Finally, the draft has come and it is being hosted in Cleveland this year. On the first night, many surprises occurred, and some predictable picks happened as well. Like the first two picks, where Trevor Lawerance supposedly can’t prospect coming out of the draft, comparing him to players such as legendary quarterback Peyton Manning, who is already unsurprisingly going to the Jacksonville Jaguars with the first overall pick. Also, quarterback out of BYU Zach Wilson was drafted by the New York Jets.

Then after that nothing was certain, as the third pick in the draft where the San Fransisco 49ers drafted Trey Lance out of North Dakota State, passing up on quarterback out of Ohio State Justin Fields, who was the favored player to get drafted in that pick. A player that fell in the draft was offensive lineman, Penei Sewell out of Oregon University, falling to the Detroit Lions at pick 7; this will open up the run game for running back D’Andre Swift.

The biggest surprise hands down of the draft was Justin Fields falling to the Chicago Bears at pick 11. The Bears did need to give up some extra picks to get up to the 11th pick drafting. They gave up two first-round picks to get their franchise quarterback of the future.

Our Browns selected Greg Newsome III out of TCU; him falling to us was a big steal of the draft, filling a void at cornerback that we needed for quite some. Going into this 2021-2022 season, we are looking better than we have ever looked in the past 30 years.